About us

Wider Cable a UL listed leading manufacture specializing in high quality cables, adapter, electronics and computer accessories.

Founded in 2005, Wider Cable got its start by catering to the needs of the customers who sought for high quality Ethernet cables solutions. Around five years ago Wider Cable was known mainly for what also aided in launching the company: Ethernet cables, which are still the company’s leading product. Today Wider Cable has a plethora of products meant to accessories with the products of leading manufacturers at a fraction of the costs other companies sell these for: HDMI Cable, VGA Cable, USB Cable, Audio Cable,Display Port Cable,DC Cable, Phone Cable,Speaker Cable.

Despite cabling being a market that is becoming increasingly competitive as we stride through the age of cable Wider Cable has not forgotten its most important priority: Quality Services. Our goal will always be to offer the best to the customer at the reasonable prices, seeking quality above all else. Here at Wider Cable we give you the OEM services to allow your artistic fantasies to become a reality.