out us

Wider Cable is a UL listed leading manufacturer specializing in high quality OEM cables, adapter, electronics and computer accessories.

        For around thirteen years (counting from 2005-2018 ) Wider Cable has been the top industry instituted to feed the hungry innovations of immense customer looking for a high quality products of electronic and computer cables which are the company's leading product today. Now, the Wider Cable has enough supply of quality cables at a very reasonable cost. Our leading electronic cables also form part of a better product with other manufacturers' items and which some other company sells this as an element for Network cables, USB-C, HDMI, VGA, Micro USB, Audio Cables, Display Port Cables, iPhone Cables and many other.

       "High Quality Services! " This is what our company strive to offer to our clientele. While considering the advanced and modern adversary, the company aims to deliver our utmost quality services. Moreover, we progressively invest on products that bring you comfort in terms of innovative cabling technology solutions that also proved to be durable in long-term use.

        We, at Wider Cable, recognizes that we are the best option for quality and cost efficiency of various industries, including automation, data handling, hardware and electronic interface to be adapted to another, telecommunication and signal processing, and computer peripherals that can include printers, scanners and storage devices to customers around the world.